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Spring Term 2 2015

Year 3 and 4 Recorder Concert

The Year 3 and 4 children performed for parents and families (and other children).

The pieces they played became increasingly complex and by the end only the Year 4 children played.  These children have especially worked hard to be now able to read the music for themselves.

The Easter Story

Year 5 retold the Easter Story to the whole school today.

Their singing, acting and narrating were outstanding!

Rev Ben and Jenny from Alderley Edge Methodist Church  joined the rest of the school.

Y5 and Y6 Technology Days

Year 5 experienced making a moving vehicle out of wood. Techniques of sawing and gluing were used as well as  technical vocabulary such as axle and chassis. The final challenge was to make it move!

Year 6 continued their DT project by researching and investigating how to make their vehicles move independently. They had great fun testing out their ideas and adjusting them to make them travel further. Next step is to complete the designs for the outside of their models to make them into a child's toy.

Year 6 completed their model vehicles by personalising the design and sharing the results with our Reception children (see photo). This was all part of the evaluation process to see if they had met their design criteria.

Year 3 walked from school to stormy point and back again!!

The Year 3 children had a lovely walk to the Edge, map reading and looking at the rocks and soils along the way. They saw fabulous views from the top and enjoyed their drinks and snacks looking at it! They were then able to climb and walk through the gulley up at Stormy Point.  The walk back was a little slower due to very tired little legs!!

Y6 visit local churches

Year 6 have been comparing and contrasting different Christian faiths: looking for similarities and differences between the different denominations. Many thanks to Reverend Ben (Alderley Edge Methodist Church), Reverend Jane (St Philips) and Edward (St Pius X) who taught the children about their churches and faiths. 
The children enjoyed it so much because being able to visit the places of worship made their learning much more real and relevant.

Y5 Visit a local Mosque

Year 5 visited Cheadle Mosque today as a starting point for their studies into the Muslim faith. They experienced Arabic Writing, The Call to Prayer, the ablutions and even wearing traditional clothes amongst other informative things.

Children in school learnt all about the solar eclipse.

Year 5 observed the solar eclipse today using pin holes in cardboard and taking advantage of the excellent position of the Year 5 classroom! Year 6 have been learning about the eclipse. They made their own viewers and studied how the light levels and temperature changed during the phenomenon.
World Down Syndrome Day

21 March 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day.

The children had fun completing a series of activities for World Down Syndrome Day and helped raised money for the Cheshire Down Syndrome Society in the process.

Year 2 rose to their challenge of colouring 21 socks in 3 minutes for Down's Syndrome day! 

The Year 4 challenge was to pick up 21 items in 3 mins within the environment area. They found some interesting items.... a piece of carpet? a fishing net?

Year 6 attempted a carousel of four challenges - aiming to get 21 on target in 3 minutes. The activities included taking penalties, hitting the target, getting 21 bean bags in the bucket and skipping.

Why 21st March and why did the children do activities based on 3 in 21?

World Down Syndrome Day is on 3/21 to symbolise a third copy of the 21st chromosome in people with Down syndrome.

As well as having fun, Mrs Din spoke to every class about Down Syndrome which helped the children understand a lot more about this condition.  This helped the children achieve the main aim of WDS Day which is to celebrate the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

Reception Class Visit Farm

Children in Reception had a great day at Stockley Farm.  They took part in a range of activities inlcuding a nature walk, bottle feeding lambs and goats, handling rabbits and guinea pigs and grooming a Shetland pony.

The children were exceptionally well behaved, listened well to the tour guide and asked questions to find out more about the animals they saw. They finished the day with a quick play on the bouncy castle, before a few of them nodded off on the coach journey home! (Staff too!!)

Red Nose Day

The children helped make a difference by dressing in red, wearing their red noses and having a big hair day!!

Mr Perry used miracle grow to transform his hair!

We raised £283.36 as part of our RND celebration.

World Book Day

Children and staff at Alderley Edge Community Primary School had great fun celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 5th March. All children and staff were invited to bring in their favourite book to read at 11.00 to join in with the Wilmslow Schools "Drop Everything and Read " day (DEAR). From Reception to Year 6, and from the office to the kitchen we all downed tools for ten minutes of quality reading time! Following this children mixed year groups and shared their favourite books with other children across the school. Teachers planned a range of exciting activities linked to books including 3D book mark making, hot seating, role play, book reviews and much more.

Parents have fun whilst learning about grammar

Parents went back to school to learn about English and grammar.  The evening was fun and the parents went away with some fantastic and invaluable tips to help them support their own children at home.
Please try and come along to any future events.

The Year 4 have been enjoying and learning through practical science in the classroom

The children created a model of the human digestive system using bananas, crackers, water, food colouring, washing up liquid and vinegar.
It really made them think about what they eat and what happens to the food!!