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Summer Term 2 2015

Summer Shows - All were a brilliant success

Our Reception class performed their own rendition of George and the Dragon, featuring lots of singing and dancing. This was followed by the KS1 performance of Maui catches the sun, which began with a traditional Haka!


Summer Shows - KS2 - All were a brilliant success

The KS2 performance of WOZ took place last night, the opening night and was a huge success. Playing to a sell out audience, they performed all the well known classics and followed the yellow brick road. They are now looking forward to their final performance tonight. Many thanks to everyone involved in making this a very successful production.


George Osborne visits school

Mr Perry invited the Chancellor to school to open the new accessible entrance, discuss the financing of state primary schools and answer questions from the School Council.


The meetings were excellent and Mr Osborne responded fully at both meetings. The children even managed to get a selfie with Mr Osborne.

George Osborne even made time to meet the Year 6 children who were running their stalls as part of the summer fair weekend.
The councillors asked some brilliant questions (see below - all their own questions) and George Osborne answered them honestly except for one extra question which was whether he would like to be PM one day!! Mr Osborne said he had been asked this question several times by leading people including Jeremy Paxman and the answer was always the same - no comment!

Children's questions... 
1. Our motto, ‘Making a Difference’, represents our school. How do you believe your job is making a difference?
2. What are the similarities between being a head teacher of our school and your job? 
3. What do you believe the government are doing to make children safe?
4. Due to the financial crisis in Greece, how will we be affected in England?
5. What is our country going to do to stop the terrorist attacks in other parts of the world?
6. How can you help us improve our school to allow more access for children with disabilities? 
7. Seeing as children our age are not getting much interest in our money where do you believe we will get the most interest? (interest-savings)


Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Sports Day

A brilliant afternoon of sport (and fun!!) especially the Parents' Race!!  Well done to Chorley who were the overall winners.

Key Stage 2 Sports Day

Everything was perfect even the weather!!  Well done to all the children, helpers, supporters and staff for making it such an enjoyable day to remember.  Congratulations to Warford - the winning house!!


Children prepare for the PTA Summer Fair Dance

Special Assembly - Guide Dogs for the Blind

The whole school had a special assembly to find out more about these special animals.  As a school, we had an Assembly on how guide dogs make a difference to someone who is blind or partially sighted. Ali and Arthur kindly visited us and helped us to understand how useful guide dogs are. Year 5 decided to make even more of a difference by baking amazing "pup cakes" for a sale after school to raise money to support this charity.
Further information can be found at


Wilmslow Show - Children's Art Work Displayed

Mrs Bowker and Miss Hilton worked together to display a range of children's art work at the Wilmslow Show. The art work looked fantastic as you can see in the photos.


Beeston Residential - Day 2

Started very early - 6.00am!!  And that was after the boys eventually went to sleep at 1.00am!!  Despite this the children had enough energy to learn to orienteer and find the clues to solve word problems.  They then enjoyed their visit to the candle factory.  All children returned safe and well and are will certainly sleep well after their trip.  Many thanks to staff who took the children away

How to build a Bivvy by Year 4?


Year 4 Residential - Day 1

30 degree heat, sunny and a climb up to the castle - all that before 2.00pm!!  Extra water supplies were dropped off at the castle to keep the children well hydrated.  They enjoyed bivvy building as well as the camp fire and games on the field.  The children have just had a bedtime story and are now off to bed!!  Bed but not sleep yet!!  10.30pm!!  More tomorrow

Bags packed, hats and cream on - Year 4 head off to Beeston. An excited group of Year 4 children head off to Beeston for the next couple of days.


Reception Class Learn Martial Arts

Reception class enjoyed a morning of Judo, learning controlled pins and roll moves. They worked together with their partners to learn new moves and enjoyed a range of movement, strength and agility based games. 


Year 4 Boating

The Year 4 children enjoyed a fantastic day boating at Tatton Park


Y5 Climbing

Year 5 faced the final challenge of the week, the wall.....


Year 3 Dance Addicts

The Year 3 children enjoyed learning high energy dance routines today


Year 5 Archery

An extra activity for Year 5, Archery!   Wow, several bulls eyes were achieved today and I think everyone wants to join the Scouts and Guides to try this sport again!!


Personal Safety Awareness

Year 6 have been learning how to keep themselves safe. Judo Education came into school to teach the children techniques to use if they ever find themselves in a threatening situation. They learnt how to shout "Fire! Fire! Fire!" to get people's attention rather than "Help" as this is more likely to make people to take out their mobile phone and start dialing 999. They also learnt about personal space and break away techniques if they are ever grabbed and need to get away. 


AECP Scarecrow - Cleaning Minion

Well done and thanks to all the children and parents who helped create our 2015 Scarecrow. She is now in pride of place at Hoopers in Wilmslow.  The window display is clean and tidy thanks to our Minion!! 


Y5 Hurdles

Year 5 showed real skill in completing the hurdles challenge. What was also brilliant was their support and encouragement of each other. True Olympic values!


What a TEAM!!

The netball team played brilliantly to win the Wilmslow Schools Netball Tournament
They won and lost their opening games but won their semi-final play off where they played Lacey Green School in the final.  A close game but Alderley played their hearts out and were eventually winners.

Wilmslow Primary Schools Sports Award Evening

The evening was hosted by Mr Morgan (HT at Lindow PS) and the medals and trophies were presented by cricketing legend Mr Michael Vaughan (OBE).

It was a very proud evening for school, children and their families at this annual event.  The children have been very successful this year winning competitions from football and cricket to rounders and netball.  The netball team earned the highest honours possible becoming Cheshire County winners.  The Girls' Cricket team play in the County finals next month - another amazing achievement!!

Our Commonwealth Games Values winners were...

  • Michael Vale for Responsibility
  • Emma Jackson for Integrity
  • Rianne Braisdell for Endeavour

Well done to all the children and their teachers for coaching them so well.


Year 6 BMX Day

Year 6 had a fabulous time at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester. They tried their hand at the world championship indoor BMXing track and were very impressive. All children managed to complete at least some if not all the course and some of them looked like potential champions.... Mr Sivewright also had a go and is hooked!


Year 3 Tennis at Heyes Lane Tennis Club

Year three had a lovely afternoon learning to play tennis at Heyes Lane tennis club.  Watch out Wimbledon we have some budding players in the making! 


Dodgeball Challenge

Year 5 dodgeball House Champions this year were Chorley.  They showed true teamwork skills as they worked together to beat the other house teams.


Year 5 Teamwork Challenge

Year 5 took part in teamwork challenges this week. These included transporting water from one place to another in a leaky cup, over and under obstacles! A good job it was a hot day!  The other activity included a shepherd and his sheep - the shepherd had to guide his sheep into the pen using verbal commands.


Year 2 Horse Riding

Year 2 had a fantastic afternoon riding and looking after the horses.  All the Year 2 children learnt the basics of horse riding and had a thoroughly brilliant day.

After a day with Year 2 - the horses must have been the best groomed horses of all time - we have pictures to prove it!!


Reception Golfers

Reception had a wonderful morning golfing with Mrs Maxwell. We learnt all about golf terms such as water hazards, bunkers, putting greens and tee off. We got to have a go at using golf clubs to hit balls at targets and enjoyed the activity so much that we had another go in the afternoon!


Sports Week - Music and Movement in Year 1

The children in Year 1 enjoyed a music and movement session, listening carefully to the different tempos in a tune and responding using a variety of moves. They had to work together and listen carefully. 


Sports Week - Year 6 take up the challenge

Year 6 have begun their challenge to become Champions and be the best they can be! Everyday they are trying to complete more and more laps of the red line circuit... beating their personal bests.


Sports Week - Year 3 combine music and movement - and run the red line

Despite the weather on Monday all the Year 3 managed to run a mile using the red line on the school playground today.   Later on they enjoyed learning about rhythm and long and short notes with music and movement with Mrs. Aitkin  which they all thoroughly enjoyed. 


Sports Week - Year 1 will soon be ready to take on Tiger Woods!!

The Year 1 children enjoyed Tri golf  They learnt some of the key features on a golf course, played Tiger says (which was their favourite game!) and practised hitting the ball with accuracy. 


Sports Week - Year 5 Cyclists

Year 5 had the opportunity to hone their cycling skills after achieving Bikeability level 1 earlier this year. Bike maintenance was part of the learning as well as safely turning left, overtaking parked vehicles and managing traffic lights safely!


The Girls' Cricket Team win MSSP Area Finals

The Year 5 and 6 Girls' Cricket Team played brilliantly to become MSSP champions and they now move on to the Cheshire Finals on 1st July.
 Competition was tight and the girls won by one run!!


Making a Difference

Children in Year 4 are making a difference - not only have they repainted the quiet area benches they have planned to restock the bark area too.  To do this they applied to Waitrose on their own and in return they received a cheque for £270 to pay for all the materials.  Many thanks to everyone in Alderley Edge who supported the Year 4 children. 


Year 4 and 5 Lifepath Day at Alderley Edge Methodist Church

Yesterday Years 4 and 5 were invited to experience a Lifepath day, looking at the life of John Wesley. "Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can" (John Wesley). The children experienced drama, a reconstructed prayer group, writing in Greek with quills and other interesting activities.

It was an opportunity for them to reflect upon their own life path.


Year 5 learn to stay safe near lorries

Year 5 enjoyed finding the blind spots on the lorry and seeing first hand how difficult it is to spot pedestrians even if they're on a crossing!


The Reception children also learn to stay safe near lorries

Some budding truckers in training but they may need to grow a little taller first.  One reception child preferred the sleeping quarters in the truck!!


Year 3 show off their skills

Brilliant progress made playing their string instruments. Earlier this week the second group of Year 3 children who have learning to play string instruments had their first performance for their parents and peers which went brilliantly. It was lovely to see the enthusiasm and progress that had been made even after only a few weeks. 
We certainly have some budding orchestra players in the making!


Year 6 Learn to Stay Safe

Year 6 were visited by Cheshire Fire Brigade who reminded the children about the importance of keeping safe on the roads as pedestrians and cyclists. They also learnt about the importance of keeping safe when using the train - a very important skill for those children who will be travelling to Wilmslow High School by train in September.


Year 5 at Forest Camp

Year 5 had a wonderful day at Forest Camp where they faced a series of personal and group challenges. Skills of independence and fortitude were tested in the cavebus; teamwork and co-operation were utilised in the team building exercises; their buddy was crucial in their support and communication skills in the low ropes challenge and map reading and clue searching were needed for the orienteering.

 Lunch was good too!!


Churches help prepare the Y6 for transition to Y7

On Tuesday year 6 were treated to a special session held by the churches of Alderley Edge about transitioning to high school and the challenges this may bring. 'Its Your Move' is a programme designed to support children moving into year 7 and the children really benefited from this fantastic experience. Many thanks to Rev. Ben, Rev. Jane and Jenny for organising this for us.