Alderley Edge Community Primary School

Mission and Aims

Every school must publish their ethos and values on their website.  At Alderley Edge Community Primary School we see our ethos and values as our Mission, Aims and School Essentials which were agreed at a joint meeting with staff,  parents, governors and members of the local community

Mission Statement - An Inclusive Community Inspiring Lifelong Learners

Our Aims

  • We provide a secure, safe and nurturing environment where children flourish.
  • We provide all children with an exciting range of experiences and opportunities to recognise their own qualities regardless of need, ensuring that there is equality of opportunity.
  • We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires children to maximise their potential.
  • We promote mutual respect, understanding and tolerance so enabling children to embrace diversity.
  • We foster an ethos of teamwork to ensure continuous improvement and the highest standards of achievement and behaviour.
  • We enable children to develop self-confidence, resilience and independence taking ownership of their learning and enabling them to meet future challenges.
  • We promote professional relationships and mutual respect between all members of the school community thus modelling positive behaviours and attitudes for our children.
  • We will keep the school at the heart of the local community, collaborating for mutual benefit to create and sustain positive opportunities for all

Core Drivers - ALPS

Our core drivers underpin our curriculum and are our intent that will enable us to shape the curriculum around the needs and wants of our school and the children.

  • Academic Excellence – our curriculum strives for excellence. We know that only our best is good enough and we work hard to maximise progress in learning for all children regardless of their starting points— academic, social and emotional, so that they can be the best they can be and make a positive difference to themselves and others in their community.
  • Life Long Learning – our curriculum allows children to develop learning skills: readiness to learn, resilience, reflectiveness and resourcefulness to be the best learners they can be so that they are prepared for the challenges we will face.
  • Possibilities and Risks – our curriculum allows children to explore what is possible to be achieved when they identify goals based on consideration of people as unique individuals, with their own passions and ideas. We challenge children to extend their boundaries and develop independence.
  • Social Intelligence – our children learn how to appreciate and respect differences and celebrate the richness of the diversity in our community and beyond, recognising all the benefits that this brings.

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Headteacher | Mrs Lindsey Walsh
SENDCO | Miss Melanie Rose
Designated Safeguarding Lead | Mrs Lindsey Walsh
Bursar | Mrs Suzanne Broadrick