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Reception Help Elsa Escape From The Ice!, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 21st Jan 2022 @ 4:37pm

Reception this week have received a letter from Elsa to say she had frozen some toys by accident and could they help to release them? They helped to plan an experiment to find the fasted way to free the toys or melt the ice. They used salt, warm water, chipping tools and warm air.

Can your child remember which was the fastest way to free the toys?

Year 2 Get Creative in Art and Music, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 21st Jan 2022 @ 4:31pm

Year 2 have had a very busy Friday. They've been creating their own rhythms in music and then looked at the Art work of Alma Thomas . In particular they've been looking at her use of warm and cool colours. They then created their own range of colours we've got budding interior designers in the making.

Year 5 and 6 Netballers in Action, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 21st Jan 2022 @ 2:06pm

Mrs  Lewis took a team of year 5 and 6 netballers to the local schools' tournament.

The team played brililantly and came a fantastic 3rd place.

Well done team!

Year 6 Bikeability, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 18th Jan 2022 @ 10:17am

Year 6 children have been learning how to ride their bikes safely on the roads.

The children practised safely mounting and dismouting their bikes and left and right hand turns.

All the children learnt the importance of wearing the correct clothing including helmets so they can be seen by other road users.

These are important life saving skills.

AECPS Sports Leaders Attend Conference, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 14th Jan 2022 @ 5:13pm

The Year 6 Sports Ambassadors joined with children from across the Wilmslow and Macclesfield Sports Partnership for a conference on sports leadership.

Led by Mrs Harris, accompanied by the gymnast Craig Heap, the children collaborated with other sports ambassadors to learn more about how to further improve sport and active lifestyles back in their own schools.

We look forward to putting into practise some of their ideas!

Olympic Gymnast Inspires KS2, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 11th Jan 2022 @ 11:47am

KS2 were inspired by Craig Heap, GB Olympic gymnast, who spent the morning sharing his experiences and motiviating the children to be the best  they can be.

Craig talked to the children about the importance setting personal goals, learning from mistakes and being resilient in whatever they choose to do.

He also explain how important English and maths skills are, even if you dream of being a sucessful sports person, as he has found out in his successful career as a TV sports presenter. 

The children had an excellent gymnastics session with Craig, loved seeing his medals and will remember the life lessons he shared.

Toby Trex Teaches KS1 About Handwashing, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 10th Jan 2022 @ 5:16pm

 KS1 and Reception had a very special visitor...... Toby the T-Rex! Toby came with his special elves to help the children learn the importance of handwashing.

They shared some magic elf dust for the children to rub onto their hands which then showed up any germs under a UV light.

We continue to remind the children of this important message in school with enhanced handwashing practices in place. 

Fun at The Squirrel Club, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 3rd Jan 2022 @ 3:37pm

Children who attended The Squirrel Club had great fun this holiday period. There were lots of crafts, biscuit making, modelling, games and outdoor play to make this holiday club a fun, festive occasion.

Children from the age of 4 can attend The Squirrel Club and do not have to attend AECPS to join in the holiday clubs.

Please contact Mrs Share via for more details.




We've Had a Special Visitor, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 17th Dec 2021 @ 1:13pm

Our fabulous PTA organised a special visitor to come to school. He left his sleigh in the carpark and visited the junior school classrooms.

Father Christmas then had breakfast with the infant children and read them a story.



Reception Celebrate Christmas, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 15th Dec 2021 @ 11:01am

Our Reception children have enjoyed their first Christmas at AECPS. They performed brilliantly in their carol singing for their parents and enjoyed their Christmas party with Jabberjacks.

KS2 Carol Service, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 15th Dec 2021 @ 10:56am

Children in year 3, 4  5 and 6 performed a fantastic Nativity for their guests this week. They reminded us of the importance of looking after each other at this time of year and to remember the messages of peace, love, hope and joy.

All the children sang, acted and narrated brilliantly.

Well done everyone.

Year 1 and 2 Nativity, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 15th Dec 2021 @ 10:25am

Year 1 and 2 performed a fantastic Nativity for their guests this week.

The children sang, acted and narrated brilliantly. Well done everyone.

Year 3 Are Getting Ready for Christmas, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 9th Dec 2021 @ 1:39pm

Year 3 have been busy getting ready for Christmas. They have been making lots of lovely gifts to take home as well as cards.

Ssssh! Don't tell the children we told you!

Year 6 Make Moving Vehicles, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 8th Dec 2021 @ 4:35pm

In Year 6 D.T. lessons, the children have enjoyed designing, making and evaluating a moving vehicle.  

The children used learning from science and mathematics to help design and make their products and ensured the materials had both functional properties and aesthetic qualities. 

They spent time learning how mechanical systems such as cams and gears create movement and how more complex electrical circuits and components could be used to create functional products. 

Choir perform at Christingle, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 8th Dec 2021 @ 9:01am

Alderley Edge Community School Choir performed Silent Night at the Christingle at St Phillips church.

The children were very smart in their choir attire and sang beaufully for the congregation. 

All the children enjoyed singing other carols and learning about the Christingle and its importance for Christians at this time of year.

Reception Visit Waitrose, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 6th Dec 2021 @ 10:26am

Children in Reception took their self-written shopping lists to Waitrose to buy the ingredients for Honey Biscuits!

The children checked their lists outside and then headed in to look around and locate the items, reading the signs and using their knowledge of where our food comes from.

They spotted bees on the honey, cows on the butter, hens on the eggs and also identified the Union flag on sugar knowing it must come from the UK!

They then carried their shopping back to school, ready to make Honey Biscuits in the morning. 

Year 2 Have Been Busy, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 6th Dec 2021 @ 10:22am

In Science Year 2 have been finding out all about seeds and bulbs, they have been looking at how seeds disperse and what causes them to start germinating, you can see what they've been observing! They've also made their own models of dandelion seeds.  

In Geography they went out on their first Welly Walk of the year, they are going to be mapping the route they took using mapping symbols and identifying all the human and physical features they saw on their route. 

Year 4 Football Stars, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 6th Dec 2021 @ 10:21am

We had two teams playing at the Pownall Hall PFC football tournament.

Both teams won 3 games and drew one. Their only draw was against each other!

There were some fantastic goals and brilliant saves. Most importantly there was some amazing sporting behaviour.

Making a Difference at Christmas, by Mrs Walsh

Date: 6th Dec 2021 @ 10:19am

Wow! A huge number of beautifully put together gifts have arrived in school.

Our families have been extremely generous and assembled beautiful Christmas gifts for children around the world who may not get presents this year. 

Our children have carefully selected toys, treats and practical items for other children to have this Christmas. The thought that has gone into them and the generosity is heart warming. Thank you everyone who has supported this worthwhile charity.

Mrs Gallimore, who is coordinating this effort for AECPS, has asked the charity if we can be told more of their journey to their recipients.

Hopefully we will find out their final destinations in the future.

Well done recycling officers, by Alderley Edge Community Primary School

Date: 24th Nov 2021 @ 2:11pm

The Recycling Officers were invited to Waitrose as the Waitrose Partners wanted to recognise their fantastic efforts and their award for being Cheshire East Recycling Officers of the Year. 

The children were each awarded a gift card and talked with the Partners about their project 'Give A Little Love'. AECPS have been invited to join them in their latest community venture to protect the environment and make Alderley Edge an even better environment to live in. Watch this space for more details.


A fantastic firework extravaganza!, by Alderley Edge Community Primary School

Date: 24th Nov 2021 @ 2:07pm

Bonfire Night was celebrated in style at AECPS. Thank you to the PTA for organising such a fantastic community event. All the children had an amazing time and we enjoyed welcoming other members of the wider Alderley Edge community to our firework display.

Indoor kurling silver medallists, by Alderley Edge Community Primary School

Date: 23rd Nov 2021 @ 3:00pm

Our year 5 and 6 Indoor Kurling Team competed in the Macclesfield School Sports Partnership area competition and came a fantastic 2nd place. One of our team even won the gold medal for the best shot.

New Age Kurling is an evolution of the original sport of Curling, adapted so that it can be played indoors on any smooth, flat surface, like a sports hall instead of on ice. The children have been learning to platy this sport in their PE lessons.

AECPS remembers, by Alderley Edge Community Primary School

Date: 23rd Nov 2021 @ 2:59pm

The children have been learning about the importance of remembrance day in their PSHE lessons and have been supporting the Royal British Legion Poppy campaign by generously donating money in exchange for poppy memorabilia.

On November 11th, children from the Girl Guides and Cub Scouts came to school in their uniforms as a sign of respect and unity. Mrs Walsh led a special assembly to mark November 11th - Armistice Day and the children paused to mark a minutes silence as a sign of respect and gratitude.

Dr Sparks (one of our music team) played the Last Post on his trumpet as the children stood silently to reflect. 

AECPS proudly joins remembrance Sunday commemorations, by Alderley Edge Community Primary School

Date: 23rd Nov 2021 @ 2:56pm

Children from our school proudly joined in the Remembrance Sunday commemorations with the congregation of St Phillips Church and the Royal British Legion.

The children read the names of the soldiers who had died during World War One as part of the service. We are very proud of them for their part in this important community event.

AECPS supports sustainability at Christmas, by Alderley Edge Community Primary School

Date: 23rd Nov 2021 @ 2:54pm

Children from AECPS were asked to plant a community Christmas tree outside Waitrose as part of the Alderley Edge festive light switch on.

Councillor Craig Browne approached school to see if our children could plant a Christmas tree that would be there for future generations to enjoy.

The tree would grow and prevent Alderley Edge having to buy cut down trees each year for the festive season.

Thank you children for representing our school brilliantly and doing your  bit for the environment.

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