Alderley Edge Community Primary School

Remote Learning Provision

Our Remote Learning Aims are:  

  • To have structured daily opportunities to connect with learners across the school week
  • To provide continuity of learning and skills development
  • To ensure planning for opportunities for pupil achievement and attainment 

Roles and Responsibilities

The role of staff: 

  • To provide a learning platform where all children have the opportunity to engage in learning
  • To promote an ethos of inclusion, respect, fairness and equality
  • To deliver effective learning and teaching
  • Ensure that cyber resilience and internet safety is central to all digital technology use as set out in the Internet Safety and Safeguarding policies
  • To observe and monitor children’s learning
  • To provide support and guidance for pupils
  • To keep abreast of research and national agenda and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to professional learning 

The role of the children: 

  • To participate in online learning and activities as published by their teachers
  • To follow the school rules and policies for behaviour and bullying prevention
  • To contribute their views through Microsoft Teams
  • To offer peer support and guidance through shared learning 

The role of parents: 

  • To encourage pupils to access online learning and associated activities
  • To establish clear routines for remote learning including identified times and quiet spaces to learn
  • To support the school values
  • To foster an open pathway of communication between the school and home where appropriate

Timings of the Lessons (may be subject to change)


Year 1, Year 3

Year 2, 4 & 6

Year 5

Registration and Maths (Daily) 

9 am

9.30 am

9 am

English (inc phonics or spelling) (Daily) 

10.30 am


11 am

Topic  or Science  (Mon - Thurs)


1.30 pm


End of Day (Mon - Thurs) 

2.30 pm


2.30 pm




Session 1  (Daily) 

9 am

Session 2  (Daily) 

10.30 am

Session 3  (Daily)


End of Day (Mon - Thurs) 

2.30 pm

Each lesson will last approximately 20 - 30 minutes and the children will be left with a task to undertake in-between each lesson.

Also in between lessons children should have a break/lunch and undertake daily physical activity.

What are the expectations of remote learning?

We expect all children who are at home to access remote learning via Teams unless parents have previously had a discussion with Mrs Walsh to make alternative arrangements.

 Registers will be taken at each session either verbally or using the register function in TEAMS. Children are expected to complete a minimum of 3 hours daily during remote learning - not including reading and times tables practise.

 We would like children to wear school uniform for the 'live' lessons to help them make the link that this is formal learning and to set the right expectations that this is still school.

What curriculum will my children be learning?

The curriculum for remote learning will follow as closely as possible the lessons that are being delivered in school. There may be some adaptations made for practical subjects such as design technology where specific resources at home may not be available.

Marking and Feedback on Children's Work

Teachers use a variety of means to assess children and provide feedback to their work and progress. This includes questioning, observing, asking children to give stars and wishes for their own work as well as verbal feedback from the teacher. This takes place during each lesson on a daily basis. There is also the more traditional formal marking of written work. Marking can also include children self-marking.

The type of marking and feedback used depends on the nature of the lesson and task and is determined by the teacher’s professional judgement. Children home learning will be having feedback through verbal feedback as well as some self and teacher marking.

All children at home should collect all their work for when we return to school to provide evidence towards teacher assessment. This can be in paper form or an alternative is to record your children’s work in their individual class notebook in Teams as documents or photographs taken of their workbooks.

If the teachers need work sending to school in the meantime, they will ask for it to be emailed or may use the Assignments Tool in TEAMS (or Evidence Me  - Reception only) for this purpose.

Engaging with parents

If teachers have an concerns about a child's engagement with remote learning and the progress they are making the will contact parents directly to discuss this further.  If parents have any concerns regarding their child during remote learning please contact your child's teacher directly.

Top Tips for Getting the Most Out of TEAMS 'Live'Lessons

  • Be prepared – have pencils, paper and any other resources ready
  • Make sure children have been to the toilet!
  • Create a clear, quiet space with no distractions for children to work.
  • Log in with the right child’s log in. It sounds obvious, but make sure you have switched accounts so the right child is logged in.
  • Access the lesson via the calendar in Teams.
  • Be early! If you are late, you will miss the start and may end up missing the whole lesson as the teacher will not know you are waiting once they have started screen sharing.
  • Do not worry if you miss a session – teachers will record the lessons so you can play them back at a later time.

What if my child cannot make a lesson time or has technical difficulties?

We have tried to stagger the lessons to help with access to devices at home. We hope that this helps the majority of families but appreciate there may still be some who find this situation difficult.

All lessons will be recorded so children unable to attend due to insufficient devices, have internet connection problems or are late and cannot enter a ‘live’ lesson can replay the lesson at a later time.

How do I access lesson resources?

Teachers will upload lesson resources to TEAMs to access and use in lessons. Resources will be uploaded by 9pm the previous evening.

To save on printing, children could work from the screen and directly onto paper rather than printing if you prefer.

Can school support with access to technology?

To support access to TEAMs we have been allocated a couple of DFE laptops that we can loan to an individual if required and we have a limited number of ‘free’ Vodaphone data SIMS available. Please contact Mrs Walsh if required. There will be given on a first come, first served basis.

If you are having problems accessing TEAMs please contact school and we will do our best to support although please consider that this may be out of our control if other children are able to access the sessions remotely.

If you need an alternative form of provision, please let school know so we can arrange workbooks to be sent home.

Where should children record their work?

Work can be completed on paper or in the books the children have been sent home for remote learning. If you require another book, please contact your class teacher who will leave one at the school office for collection.

How will children access the lessons?

The children will log on to their own individual TEAMS accounts and can access the lessons via the calendar. They should click ‘join’ and will be put in waiting room until accepted to join the meeting by their teacher. If the teacher is not in the lesson then they have accidentally opened their own meeting or joined one someone else has started.

If children are sharing devices, they will need to log out and log back in again with their own TEAMS log in to access their group/virtual classroom.

Lessons will be opened  slightly early to allow children to join but please be aware that once the lesson has passed the start time children may not be able to join as the teacher will not know they are waiting if they are screen sharing. They will need to replay the lesson at a later time.

Please do not use the Chat Function to talk to your teacher whilst they are teaching as they cannot deliver lessons and monitor the chat at the same time.

How can I communicate with my child’s teacher during periods of school closure?

In the middle of lessons is not the time for parents to speak to a child’s teacher. The teachers can be contacted outside of lessons via email using their class teacher emails.  


Email address


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


At AECPS we take safeguarding very seriously. There is an updated Safeguarding Policy for COVID 19 adjustments in the policy area of the school website.

Children who do not attend sessions on TEAMS will be contacted directly as part of our safeguarding role to ensure they are safe and offer support.

Follow School Rules

The school's behaviour policy with sections relevant to home schooling is available in the policy are of the school website.

Children are expected to behave as they would in school and follow the school rules:

  • We look after each other and school property
  • We follow instructions quickly
  • We behave sensibly
  • If we or others have a problem – we tell an adult
  • We accept responsibility for our actions

Additional Rules for Children Offsite

  • Complete home learning activities set by teachers as best as I can
  • When using video meetings with teachers follow the school rules


Our approach will continue to focus on positive behaviour management and rewards for adhering to the above. Each class will continue to have a set of rewards that are specific to their group.

Consequences at home

  • Receive a verbal warning from your teacher
  • Parents might be told
  • Mrs Walsh might be told
  • You will not be allowed to participate in ‘live’ video meetings and will need to watch the recordings 

The Housepoint System

The Housepoint System will continue. All staff can award rewards for ‘things’ that they see around school by  verbally awarding a house point.  The total of housepoints across the school will be shared electronically at the end of every Friday.

Child of the Week

The Child of the Week celebration will continue. Staff will select one member of their class as “Child of the Week” for demonstrating any of the 5 R’S (resilience, readiness, resourcefulness, reflection, responsibility) This will be shared each week on a Friday and certificates will be emailed home.

Headteacher’s Award

In addition to this children will continue to be nominated to the Headteacher for good work, for good behaviour or for a good attitude to their learning, with special consideration for those who have been adhering to the expectation. The Headteacher will send out ‘well done’ emails for individual identified by teachers for exceptional work and efforts.

Remote Education For Self-Isolating Children

Where individual pupils need to self-isolate during a period of lock down, children can join the Teams sessions led by the teachers as normal. However,  if the class is open in school, parents will be sent a document detailing 10 days of learning to be completed at home. This learning will follow as closely as possible the curriculum taking place in school and will be a mixture of Oak National Academy recorded lessons and other learning activities.

Equality of Access for All

We will ensure that all children (whether on or off site) have equality of access to remote learning. AECPS will ensure that access to technology is not a barrier  and all rewards are relevant to all children across school, whether learning on site or electronically from home. Children working from home are encouraged to keep in touch with their class teachers via email and Teams to share their work.


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