Alderley Edge Community Primary School

Guilty or Not Guilty?

Year 6 had the opportunity to participate in two ‘Street Law’ on-line workshops. The sessions were led by teams of lawyers who worked with the children so they could experience the world of law and order.

The first session was called ‘Goldilocks on Trial’ where we rejigged the layout of the classroom to reflect a criminal courtroom.  The children then played the part of Defence Counsel, Prosecution Counsel, Goldilocks (the Defendant), Mummy bear (a witness), PC Plod (a witness), Judge, Usher and Jury.  The trial outcome was a ‘hung’ jury which means there has to be a re-trial. 

The second workshop, entitled “Social Media and Your Dream Job” , encouraged the children to think carefully about what they post online if/when they start to use social media apps, in case it affects their chance of keeping their ‘dream’ job in the future (and is based on some general principles from employment and criminal law).  Lots of fascinating ‘real life’ lessons learnt and it definitely reinforced our esafety messages.


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